Pinkish Trends: Cute Shoes Alert

PinkishTrendsHeelsI have no idea how I stumbled upon Pinkish Trends but I am very happy I did because I found these shoes.  I can’t even handle this combination, it’s blowing my mind.  I can honestly say I’ve never been a huge fan of animal prints (I know I KNOW) but I can’t resist this coral pairing.  Oh and did I mention these are $36 SHIPPED?  You’re welcome.

PinkishTrendsCoralCheetahHeelCheck out their website – plenty of other cuteness you probably need in your life.   xo.


*photos from Pinkish Trends website

Hello (again).

To say it has been a while would be quite the understatement…the nutshell version of where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to can be summed up like this: 2 kids.  So now that my youngest is 8 months old and my oldest is 2, I’m feeling like I’m ready to get back to sharing things I love with adult humans.  Turns out my son doesn’t care too much about the latest foundation I’m obsessing over or my current favorite lip gloss etc etc.  I’ve been thinking about this new clean slate and what I want Pretty Indy to be; really, it’s still a place where I’m going to share things I’m loving with you.  It might not be as focused on beauty but of course that will still be there.  My life has changed *a lot* and this blog is growing with me.  SO – I think it’s appropriate that for my first post I share with you what is currently changing my life…read on.

Skinny Mom Supper ClubSKINNY MOM

This website and app was introduced to me by the gal who is currently styling my locks (and who is co-owner of The Traveling Hanger – another post for another day) and I am now borderline obsessed.  Specifically with their Supper Club – a meal planning assistant that is making me feel like I’m killing it at life.  It’s FREE, yes – free, and it provides a month worth of dinner recipes along with shopping lists for each week.  I’ve tried 3 recipes so far and they have all been completely delicious, not to mention encouraging me to try things I doubt I would have prior to this life-changing amazing discovery.  I’m talking to you, spaghetti squash.

Meal planning, trying new recipes, eating healthy – all things that I wanted to be doing but had trouble finding the time to really plan out – are so much easier with this.  Check out Skinny Mom’s Supper Club and see what you think.